Okuz Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai is the principal of Ottoman architecture in the city, was built during the reign of Okuz Mehmet Pasha. The fortress gates, walls in the center of Kusadasi were built in the Ottoman period, reflecting the architectural style of the era. The centuries roll back upon entering in Kusadasi’s Caravanserai, rich with Ottoman and Seljuk architectural details.

With its Venetian-style swallow-tail battlements and red stone walls, the Ottoman castle dates back to 1618. In the Ottoman era, the castle acted as a trading house and meeting place for merchants, and was fortified to protect the valuable goods stored there.

Caravanserai KusadasiEntering the Caravanserai and walking through a marble arched gateway into a double-story courtyard filled with lush palm trees, Turkish rugs, marble pools and fountains.

Today, the former stronghold is a welcoming boutique hotel with a well-known restaurant. The hotel combines Ottoman history and modern-day conveniences, with bathrooms and fireplaces providing plenty of 21st-century comforts. Traditional Turkish cuisine and entertainment fill the courtyard on ‘Turkish Nights’, when folk music and belly dancing are performed under the stars. The Kusadasi Caravanserai is a popular entertainment venue.